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What Our Students Say

Editors love The PEN Institute courses!

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Barbara C.


Editing Children's Books 101 was one of the best courses I've taken through The PEN Institute to help me expand the types of editing I'm comfortable with. Linda Harris does a wonderful job of explaining the different levels of children's books and understanding the world of editing them. Each lesson was fully explained and had very relevant homework assignments, culminating with a practice edit of a children's story along with feedback of the edits. That in itself was extremely beneficial. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in exploring editing children's books.

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Katherine H.

Author and Editor
"Establishing Your Freelance Business course is worth much more than the price. During the course, I added my first clients, and now I feel very confident about moving forward. The course built my confidence, showing where my instincts were right, and it pointed me to areas I had not thought about, showing me where my instincts were missing or defective."
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Judy V.

"The Establishing Your Freelance Business course was informative, gave me points to ponder, and offered some great suggestions. Definitely worth the price of the tuition. The homework had no right or wrong answers, just examining what will work for each individual editor. The lessons are written clearly. Personal experiences from the instructor made the lessons practical and applicable."
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Dawn K.

Novelist and Freelance Editor
"These courses are truly excellent. I’ll highly recommend them to anyone possibly interested."
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Anna S.

"Thank you for your willingness to work with so many people at so many different stages of learning how to do this work excellently. I appreciate very much your graciousness in teaching and sharing from your years of experience. The course Copyediting and Proofreading was great! It was well worth the tuition, as have the other courses I’ve taken. The interaction between the participants was something I especially enjoyed and I know that’s a unique advantage to this network. I learned a lot in every single lesson. A lot of things were covered that I hadn’t even considered and I’m looking forward to reviewing and putting these tools into practice."