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Communicating with Clients 101 is taught by Jenne Acevedo.

This course is four weeks long (plus two weeks for intro and conclusion); it begins on April 19 and runs until May 24, 2021.

The forum for this course is via Google Groups, which is an online discussion board. You will be automatically added to the Google Group and receive posts via your email (the address that you used to register for this course). All communication will be held within this Google Group. You can email the Google Group from your inbox by using the email: You may also access the page via this direct URL:!/communicating-with-clients-101.

The instructor will post a topic (via the Google Group) every Monday for the duration of the course that correlates to each week’s lesson. During the week, you are encouraged to ask questions, make comments, and reply to other students’ questions and comments. The forum (Google Group) can be an amazing tool to get to know one another as fellow editors, encourage one another, share information, and submit homework assignments. The more active you are on the forum, the more this course benefits all participants.

Below are the lessons for the course. Please click on the links to view or download. The discussion in the forum will be based on each week’s lesson. Please only post regarding that week’s lesson.

Course Outline: Click to download.

April 19—Welcome, Introductions, Lesson 1

April 26—Lesson 2

May 3—Lesson 3

May 10—Lesson 4

May 17—Conclusion and Evaluation

May 24—Last day to turn in assignments

May 31—All homework assignments returned

June 7—Google Group closes; access to Course Page closes

These lessons are for your use only. They are copyrighted information. All rights reserved. Reproduction or redistribution, all or part, is prohibited.

Please note that your access to this course page will end two weeks after the conclusion of the course.

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions.