How do I choose a course?

Because everyone learns differently, we offer three options for most of our courses.

  • Lesson Pack—This option includes the lesson material in PDF format. There is no group interaction, homework assignments, or instructor feedback. Purchase and download the course material to learn anytime, anywhere at your own pace. Be sure to check out the Lesson Pack Bundles, several related Lesson Packs bundled together at a discount.
  • Group Instruction—This option includes the lesson material, optional homework, additional instructor handouts, a group forum to learn from other students, and direct feedback from the instructor. Group Courses are scheduled throughout the year and administered via private forums.
  • One-on-One Instruction—This option includes the lesson material, homework assignments, additional instructor handouts, and individual mentoring from the instructor. This option is available throughout the year and scheduled directly with the instructor.

 Course Designation—All courses are placed into one of four levels:

  • 101—These are introductory courses. All levels of editors, especially beginners, may be interested in these courses. There are no prerequisites.
  • 201—These courses may be appropriate for beginner editors but are geared toward intermediate editors; they may have prerequisites.
  • 301—These are advanced courses and have prerequisites.
  • 401—These courses are advanced, have prerequisites, and offer in-depth, intensive material and practice exercises.

Boot Camp 401 courses are unique. They are designed to give students real-life experience editing material. They are hands-on courses to give you confidence and experience in editing. There are no lessons—only editing exercises that are reviewed by an experienced editor who will give you feedback. Ideally, students should take the 101, 201, and 301 track of courses before registering for a Boot Camp course. 

Questions about what type of course is best for you? Email