Christi McGuire

Christi McGuire


Christi McGuire is a freelance editor, writer, and consultant and has been in the Christian publishing industry for seventeen years. She has published more than one hundred magazine articles and dozens of children’s devotionals and curriculum. Currently, her primary focus is partnering with authors in the creative process to polish their nonfiction book manuscripts and help them navigate the path to publishing.

Christi teaches two courses for The PEN Institute: Establishing Your Freelance Business 101 and Freelance Editing 101. She works and plays along the sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast in Florida with her husband, Matt, and their two daughters.

Christi teaches the following courses:


What students say about Christi:

  • “Getting Christi McGuire’s experienced and encouraging feedback was an incredible blessing!” –Irene C.
  • “Christi is a great instructor, and she always found a way to be an encourager, not only with me, but with everyone. She was very approachable and helpful.” –Rebecca N.