Working with a mentor who is an experienced professional can help guide you through your editing journey. Mentors provide knowledge and guidance, as well as help stimulate personal and professional growth. Mentors also . . .

  • discover what areas need improvement in your professional journey
  • offer encouragement and constructive¬†feedback
  • create goals and action items for your business
  • provide sounding boards for discussion
  • assess editing ability
  • become trusted advisors
  • share mistakes and pitfalls to avoid
  • help you get connected to others in the industry

The PEN Institute offers two types of mentoring options: individual and group. With individual mentoring, you work personally with your mentor for one-hour sessions at a time. Group mentoring provides four one-hour sessions with a small group (five students maximum).

Technology coaching partners you with a tech guru who can walk you through issues with the gremlins in your computer, whether it's Microsoft Office, Outlook, Word Press, or other programs.

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