Working with a mentor who is an experienced professional can help guide you through your editing journey. Mentors provide knowledge and guidance, as well as help stimulate personal and professional growth. Mentors also . . .

  • discover what areas need improvement in your professional journey
  • offer encouragement and constructive feedback
  • create goals and action items for your business
  • provide sounding boards for discussion
  • assess editing ability
  • become trusted advisors
  • share mistakes and pitfalls to avoid
  • help you get connected to others in the industry

The PEN Institute offers individual mentoring, where you can work personally with your mentor for one-hour sessions at a time.

Work individually with an experienced editor to receive support for fine­‐tuning your editing process, encouragement in an ever-changing publishing industry, guidance about your editing business, answers to all your questions, and feedback on your editing skills. You can purchase one or more hours and adapt the sessions and timing to your individual needs. Sessions may take place via email or phone calls. Our mentors have decades of experience in editing, writing, teaching, and coaching. Jeanne Marie Leach is the mentor for aspiring fiction editors; Linda Harris is the mentor for aspiring children’s book editors, and Susan K. Stewart specializes in nonfiction editing. Click below for more info.

Children's Individual Mentoring