Avoiding IRS Audits, Jail Time & Unnecessary CPAs Webinar

Editing and writing can be so “taxing.” Most entrepreneurs don’t exactly get excited about taxes or accounting. Actually, it probably stresses you out . . . but it doesn’t have to. This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • What you can and cannot write off
  • When it makes sense to hire a CPA
  • When you have a business, not just a hobby
  • Why you might be flagged for an audit and how to avoid it
  • How the new Trump Tax Plan affects you

There will also be time to answer the most frequently asked questions based on dozens of times teaching this same course for groups of creative entrepreneurs. You will walk away more confident that you’re making the best choices in your editing business for taxes, including what the new tax code means for you as a small business owner.

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Instructor: Chris Morris, CPA

Format: This is a 60-minute webinar.

Prerequisite: There are no required prerequisites for this webinar.

Level: All levels

Base Price: $29 (Members of The Christian PEN receive discounts.)

Registration Deadline: There is no deadline; this webinar is available at all times.

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