Editing Fundamentals LESSON PACK BUNDLE


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Do you need to learn the fundamentals of editing? Maybe you want to refresh your basic skills. This Lesson Pack Bundle is for you! In it you’ll find four Lesson Packs that teach the skills needed to ensure you cover the basics while editing your clients’ manuscripts. Click on each of the Lesson Packs below to view their outlines.


Lesson Packs included:

Priced separately, these Lesson Packs would be $375.00. Bundled together, the price is $337.50, a savings of 10 percent! (Members of The Christian PEN receive discounts on all Lesson Pack Bundles.)

Lesson Packs are the same lesson material from the Group Instruction courses; however, these self-guided lessons are without the online discussions with fellow students and instructor feedback.

The curriculum will be accessible in your account within 24 hours of purchase. Lesson Pack Bundles are nonrefundable.


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