Editing the Memoir 301 LESSON PACK


Memoir writing and reading is on the rise. According to Publisher’s Weekly, the memoir genre garners a major chunk of nonfiction sales. Memoir focuses on the writer’s (the protagonist’s) experience, accomplishment, or time of life, telling his or her story with a narrative arc. Memoir is gritty and gutsy, funny and fascinating, self-critical and self-reflective, a unique genre that invites readers to peer into the memoirist’s struggle to draw meaning from accomplishments and create transformation for his or her life.

To achieve this requires skill, honesty, great storytelling, stellar writing, and, above all, knowledgeable editing. In four fully packed lessons, this course takes the approach of a developmental edit to teach editors the dynamics of the memoir and then how to build it from an idea to a fresh work agents and readers are looking for.


Instructor: Erin K. Brown

Format: This is the Lesson Pack format. The curriculum will be accessible in your account within 24 hours. Lesson Packs are nonrefundable.

Prerequisites: Minimum three years’ experience editing nonfiction is suggested; Nonfiction Editing 201 and 301 are highly recommended

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Base price: $40 (members of The Christian PEN receive discounts)

Course length: This course is 4 lessons.

Course Outline: Click here



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