Editing YA Fiction Intermediate One-on-One Instruction


Editing YA FictionIntermediate guides participants through the nuances of macro-editing YA fiction. The course covers the particulars of substantive and collaborative editing as they apply specifically to YA material. Course lessons include smart approaches to the following:

  • Punching up diction and verbiage
  • Rounding out believable characters
  • Smoothing out dialogue to be more realistic
  • Locking down authentic scenes and narrative voice
  • Balancing steady pace with comprehensive storytelling
  • Drafting overall content that’s relatable to the YA reader

Embrace the very specialized skills of editing YA material. Learn how to fully snag the attention of this audience of readers who are very discriminative about their reading-for-pleasure material. Find out what’s trending—and what’s timeless—in the world of YA.



Instructor: Kelly Anne White

Format: This is the One-on-One Instruction format. The instructor will be in contact with you within five days of purchase and will work individually with you.

Prerequisite: Editing YA Fiction Basic is recommended.

Level: Intermediate

Base price: $225 (members of The Christian PEN receive discounts)

Course length: This course is five lessons.

Course outline: Click to download.

Certificate of Completion: Upon completion of this course, students will earn a course certificate.


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