Establishing Your Freelance Business Group Course

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This group course is for those who wish to start a freelance editing business or improve an existing one. In the ten lessons you will learn about:

  • Advertising your services
  • Finding jobs
  • Setting rates
  • Contacting potential clients
  • Following up on potential clients
  • Making the deal
  • When and how to refer jobs to others
  • Staying in touch with established clients
  • Keeping track of your time and money
  • Managing your workload
  • Preparing your taxes
  • Balancing the “feast or famine”


Instructors: Jeanne Marie Leach

Format: This is the Group Course format, which includes an online email discussion forum and instructor feedback. This course will be conducted via

Prerequisite: There are no prerequisites for this course.

Level: Beginner

Base price: $350 (members of The Christian PEN receive discounts)

Course length: This course is ten lessons; it runs from May 27 to July 15, 2024.

Registration Deadline: May 31, 2024

Course Outline: Click to download.

(Note: Refunds will not be given for this Group Course after May 24, 2024.)

13 reviews for Establishing Your Freelance Business Group Course

  1. Emily

    The handouts shared in this course were quite valuable, and the conversations on the discussion boards with fellow freelancers provided a nice sense of community.

  2. Irene Chambers

    I had already begun editing for clients when I came across this course, but I wish I had taken it before I started. These ten lessons provide a solid foundation for starting and building a freelance editing business. Gaining insights from two experienced editing professionals was invaluable. Christi McGuire leads this class now and has contributed her input into Kathy Ide’s curriculum. Christi is an encourager and a patient instructor. I agree with another review that the discussion board was a wonderful way to build connections within PEN. It’s been a blessing to find myself in other classes with the same people again.

  3. S. B.

    I started my business about four months before the class, so much of what was covered in the first half of the class I had already done on my own (website, business cards, editorial agreement, etc.) This was all great info, just redundant in my situation. I found the second half of the class to be more useful, particularly the nuts and bolts of business like taxes and licenses. One of the topics I also found useful was organizing your business once you have a lot of work coming in. I liked the pacing of the class and the online community. I liked having choices (for the homework assignments). Assignment options were all relevant to the lesson. Christi was great!

  4. Carrrie

    Thank you so much for this important class. For a beginner like me, this was exactly what I needed to start my business on the right foundation. All the lessons challenged me to think ahead about what I’m trying to accomplish and how to go about it successfully. This class was worth every penny!

  5. Alexander C.

    The lessons met my expectations. The course had the right amount of assignments. The lessons were explained clearly. I would recommend this course to other editors.

  6. Athena Smales

    Everything was very clear, and the instructor and a fellow student added information via Google Groups that was also helpful. I found the lessons on scheduling, record keeping, and finances to be invaluable in helping us to be better prepared for our freelance business. It was a lot of work and research for a newbie; however, it was exactly what was needed. It really was an excellent course. I have taken two courses so far and found both of my instructors to be knowledgeable, helpful, and encouraging.

  7. Anonymous

    So much good in this class—some of it good like exercise and vegetables. 🙂 The group conversations/instructor responses in this class provided a huge amount of learning beyond the lesson content. The lessons were clear. These are not cut and dry lesson topics so the basics to get you started are there. This course is challenging, but in a good way. The homework pushes students out of comfort zones in areas that are necessary for business. I appreciate having lots of options to choose from. It’s easier to choose the assignments that apply to me. Options also give more practice if and when I want to invest the time. I appreciated this class very much, and I know I will refer back to my notes often.

  8. Bridget Depew

    I found the practicality of the lessons most helpful. Our instructor gave real-life examples that, I feel, provided an accurate description of what owning a freelance business will be like. I liked the conversation between everyone in the course. Hearing others’ perspectives was very helpful and encouraging. I also loved how frank the instructor was about the benefits and difficulties of owning your own freelance editing business. She was very personable, patient, understanding, and encouraging. If anyone is looking to start a freelance editing business, this is the course to take!

  9. Christine Boatwright

    I feel more confident on this end than I did at the beginning. The systems presented were helpful. I can start with those organized systems and adapt to my own.

  10. Valerie Riese

    I’ve never gotten so much out of a course. The lessons exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds week after week. The instructor spared nothing from her decades of experience to help us learn. She not only welcomed but also encouraged questions and made sure that no question was left unanswered. I know that I know what I’m doing, thanks to this class, and am now ready to pound the virtual pavement.

  11. Jayna Baas

    I loved learning concrete steps to take in preparing for business and working with clients. The group discussions were really helpful, as were the discussions of pricing strategies and the practice in writing client communication emails. I feel prepared to take the next step and would recommend that editors take this course.

  12. Becca Wierwille

    I think I would’ve benefited greatly if I’d taken this course a year ago when I started freelancing. Some of the lessons helped me put systems in place to streamline my business for years to come! I really enjoyed the interaction with the instructor via the email loop.

  13. Nicole O’Meara

    Jeanne Marie Leach was the perfect person to teach this Group Course. She shared many of her personal resources and gave us real stories from her freelance business. My confidence grew each week as she returned my assignments with encouraging words and helpful hints. This course would be helpful for ANY freelancer, but because it is specific for editors, I know I’m ready for whatever comes my way as a newbie editor.

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