Freelance Editing Group Course

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This is an essential course for those who wish to learn the basics of freelance editing for paying clients.

You will learn:

  • The difference between proofreading, line editing, substantive editing, and critiquing
  • References to use for different types of manuscripts
  • What to look for in nonfiction manuscripts
  • What to look for in fiction manuscripts
  • How to mark corrections using editor’s and proofreader’s symbols
  • How to use Microsoft Word’s “Track Changes” feature for electronic editing
  • How to proofread Scripture quotations
  • How to make helpful suggestions for improvement.


Instructor: Lora Doncea

Format: This is the Group Course format, which includes an online email discussion board and instructor feedback. This course will be conducted via

Prerequisite: Establishing Your Freelance Business is recommended but not required.

Level: Beginner

Base price: $280 (members of The Christian PEN receive discounts)

Course length: This course is eight lessons; it runs from September 16 to November 5, 2024.

Deadline to register: September 20, 2024

Course outline: Click to download the outline

Certificate of Completion: Upon completion of this course, students will earn a course certificate.

Note: Refunds will not be given for this Group Course after September 6, 2024.

What people have said about this course:

“This class was everything I hoped for! I have a much clearer picture of what each type of editing entails, types of clients, and necessary resources. The group format was great for accountability, encouragement, and getting to know others on this journey with me. Getting Christi McGuire’s experienced and encouraging feedback was an incredible blessing!” –Irene C.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class and I learned a lot, especially since this was my first exposure to what freelance editing and proofreading entail. In the beginning, I was intimidated by the idea of learning something new, even though I was stepping out in faith by taking a first step in what will hopefully become a new career. Your lessons took me on a step-by-step introduction to the world of freelance copyediting and proofreading. The assignments were just right because you gave us the option to do as many or as few as we liked, so I never felt under pressure. I am going to go back through all the lessons and attempt more assignments as a personal challenge. I also learned a lot by reading the other members’ homework and your critiques. My confidence has grown and I’m ready for the next steps. I am going to continue taking classes through The Christian PEN and I hope to launch my business this year, Lord willing!” —Lisa D.

“Absolutely worth the cost of tuition! I like the fact that I could save everything for later. I read through everything thoroughly and will use the information when I expand my business in the next couple of months. At least, if it works out the way I now have it planned for the long term.” —Amber F.

“Thank you for your willingness to work with so many people at so many different stages of learning how to do this work excellently. I appreciate very much your graciousness in teaching and sharing from your years of experience. The course was great! It was well worth the tuition—as have the other courses I’ve taken. The interaction between the participants was something I especially enjoyed and I know that’s a unique advantage to this network. I learned a lot in every single lesson. A lot of things were covered that I hadn’t even considered and I’m looking forward to reviewing and putting these tools into practice.” —Anna S.


3 reviews for Freelance Editing Group Course

  1. Hannah V.

    Freelance Editing 101 was a wonderful introduction to the world of editing and all the aspects it entails! It gave me a clearer picture of all that professional freelance editing includes—which is more than just editing! By completing the assignments and asking questions on the discussion group, I gained beneficial hands-on experience and received much encouraging and instructional feedback from both the instructor and the other students. And I was able to learn from their different editing experiences and perspectives, which made the class definitely worth it.

  2. Carrie Del Pizzo

    As always, the exercises helped me put my fingers into action instead of just reading about the ideas. Also, this group communicated with each other a ton. I liked hearing everyone’s different ideas and perspectives. The instructor was very responsive and helpful as she joined the discussions with the rest of us. This is a great beginning course to figure out if editing is something you want to do and how to get started.

  3. Galadriel Grace

    I am so glad that I opted for the Freelance Editing 101 course—as a writer and editor with some experience, I couldn’t believe how much I learned, and I can’t wait to put it all into practice. I enjoyed the level of interaction with the teacher and other students—it was lots of fun!

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