Freelancing for Publishing Houses 201 VIDEO COURSE

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This four-week course explores what it can be like to freelance for traditional publishing houses. Instructor Natalie Nyquist will highlight tips for finding work, walk through the most common types of work freelancers are contracted for, review the details of a sample proofreading and formatting checklist, and lead a mini boot-camp challenge in proofreading to test memory and experience.

As a flexible video course, students register at their convenience and complete the lessons at their own speed. Once per quarter Natalie will host a one-hour, live Q&A session for all the students who registered that quarter. Students can ask questions during the session or submit them ahead of time. During the hour Natalie will offer additional explanation, resources, and the results of any research she completed based on the questions submitted beforehand.

During this course, editors will:

  • Identify the differences of freelancing for publishers
  • Walk through common challenges in finding freelance work with a publisher including:
    • What is essential in a resume and past experience
    • The editing test
    • The first project
    • Tips for ensuring continued requests for work
  • Study a sample proofreading checklist
  • Test skills (and frustration threshold?) on a tough sample proofreading exercise


Instructor: Natalie Nyquist

Format: This is a Video Course. The curriculum consists of four videos with self-guided notes. Video courses include a one-hour group mentoring session with the instructor.

Prerequisite: There are no required prerequisites for this course.

Level: Intermediate

Base price: $79 (members of The Christian PEN receive discounts)

Registration deadline: There is no deadline; this course is available at all times.

Course outline: Freelancing for Publishing Houses 201_Course Outline


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