Mastering the CMOS, WEBINAR #1


What does it mean to master a style manual? Natalie explains the roles of familiarity and knowledge and three levels of intensity an editor can take to gain increased mastery of CMOS, including specific action steps. This first webinar also discusses the pros and cons of hard copy versus online subscription and how to navigate both before looking at some of the most-highlighted changes in the 17th edition. Finally, Natalie works through the first four chapters on the publishing process, highlighting new material and content helpful for any editor. This includes:

  • CMOS’s distinctions between types of editing
  • proofreading
  • parts of books
  • illustrations and tables
  • copyright and fair use

Each webinar also includes:

  • a quiz designed to test your familiarity with all things CMOS
  • extensive webinar outline for notes
  • recommended projects and reading for further study
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Instructor: Natalie Nyquist

Format: This is a 90-minute webinar that includes a pdf handout with an outline, quiz, and project for further individual study.  

Prerequisite: There are no required prerequisites for this webinar; however, the webinar Mastering the Manuals 101 and the video course Mastering the Manuals 201 are a good foundation for understanding concepts in CMOS. 

Level: All levels

Base price: $39

Registration deadline: There is no deadline; this webinar is available at all times.

Webinar outline: CMOS Webinar #1 Outline


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