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One of the downsides of freelance nonfiction editing is the lack of professional feedback, leaving you to wonder if you missed catching important details, if you edited with too heavy a hand, or if you did everything to make the manuscript the best it could be. Nonfiction Editing Boot Camp 401 will help strengthen your nonfiction editing skills, and the feedback from an experienced editor will boost your confidence in editing nonfiction manuscripts. 

This four-week course will take you through a variety of nonfiction manuscripts and levels of editing, including copyediting, substantive editing, and developmental editing. Your instructor’s feedback will show you what you are doing well and point out areas needing improvement. 

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Instructor: Erin K. Brown

Format: This is the Group Course format, which includes an online discussion group and instructor feedback. This course will be conducted via Google Groups.

Prerequisites: It is recommended that students have taken at least two courses in the Nonfiction Editing track (Nonfiction Editing 101, 201, and 301) or have at least three years of nonfiction editing experience.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Course Length: This course is 4 lessons; it runs from September 26 to November 7, 2022.

Deadline to Register: September 23, 2022

Base Price: $159 (members of The Christian PEN receive discounts)

Course Outline: Click to download.

Certificate of Completion: Upon completion of this course, students will earn a course certificate.

(Note: Refunds will not be given for this Group Course after September 23, 2022.)


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