Nonfiction Editing 301 One-on-One Instruction


Have you ever encountered a manuscript that you know has the potential to be great, but it’s lacking something? You can’t quite put your finger on what that “something” is, much less know how to correct it. No doubt, the manuscript is calling for a substantive edit. Analysis based rather than rules based, the scope of a substantive edit is expansive. 

Nonfiction Editing 301 is an 8-week course that provides training, examples, and exercises that will teach you how to identify major problems in a manuscript and correct them, thus making the manuscript all it can be. Topics include:

• What Is a Substantive Edit?

• Understanding Your Client’s Vision

• How to Determine If a Manuscript Requires a Substantive Edit

• Services to Include or Add to the Substantive Edit

• Identifying Common Problems

• Correcting Common Problems

• Creative Nonfiction Techniques

• Fresh Approaches to Common Topics

Apply the knowledge and skills provided in Nonfiction Editing 301 and you can become a top-notch substantive editor who transforms ho-hum manuscripts into dynamic books. 

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Instructor: Erin K. Brown


This is the One-on-One Instruction format. The instructor will be in contact with you within ten days of purchase and will work individually with you.

Prerequisite: NF 101 and NF 201 are recommended; two years of nonfiction editing are preferred.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Base Price: $279 (members of The Christian PEN receive discounts)

Course Length: This course is 8 lessons.

Course Outline: Click to download.

Certificate of Completion: Upon completion of this course, students will earn a course certificate.



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