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Wanting to become an expert in editing nonfiction? These courses will guide you through the maze of intricate parts that comprise a nonfiction book. After successfully completing the 101 material, you will confidently know what to look for and how to format and edit any nonfiction manuscript. As a bonus, you’ll gain knowledge that will help you guide your clients through the tough world of publishing. In 201 you’ll learn the different levels of editing, how to break into developmental editing, and how to edit creative nonfiction, business material, and technical works. In 301 you’ll learn how to substantive edit. This course provides training, examples, and exercises that will teach you how to identify major problems in a manuscript and correct them, thus making the manuscript all it can be.

Plus with this PRO Bundle you receive Editing Devotionals 101 and Editing NF Book Proposals 101!

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Lesson Packs included are:

Priced separately, these Lesson Packs would be $300. Bundled together, the price is $270, a savings of 10 percent! (Members of The Christian PEN receive discounts on all Lesson Pack Bundles.)

Lesson Packs are the same lesson material from the Group Instruction courses; however, these self-guided lessons are without the online discussions with fellow students and instructor feedback.

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