Proofreading Group Course

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Proofreading is designed to prepare you to proofread books based on The Chicago Manual of Style or to sharpen your proofreading skills as an editor. Some editors wish to proofread to widen their reach, but they need a review of punctuation, usage, grammar, and spelling. 

Students will get real-life practice with homework and quizzes designed to test their knowledge. The instructor’s feedback and group discussions make this an engaging way to hone your proofreading skills.



Instructors:  Joan Yi

Format: This is the Group Course format, which includes an online discussion board and instructor feedback. This course will be conducted via

Prerequisite: There are no prerequisites for this course. (Please note this course requires using Microsoft Word, Track Changes, and Comments.)

Level: Beginner

Base price: $175 (members of The Christian PEN receive discounts)

Course length: This course is five weeks; it runs from April 1 to May 6, 2024.

Deadline to register: April 8, 2024.

Course Outline: Click to download the outline.

Certificate of Completion: Upon completing this course, students can earn a course certificate.

(Note: Refunds will not be given for this Group Course after March 29 2024.)

6 reviews for Proofreading Group Course

  1. Carrie

    This has been an invaluable course for a beginner like me. I’ve learned so much and I appreciate the pros who have made themselves available to help me.

  2. Ying Gao

    I took Proofreading 101 to improve my Grammar and learn to be an editor. The lessons met my expectations. The correction of the homework was the most useful.

  3. Amanda Adams

    Everything was explained clearly. There was useful information in every lesson. I will be referring back to these lessons as a study guide. I liked having options of homework and quizzes and not having to do all of them if I didn’t have time. I liked the interaction and reading other posts and questions.

  4. Aimee den Hoed

    The content was well done; it explained the concepts well, and it was great that it provided the relevant CMOS section for extra reading. The homework was challenging, but it wasn’t too difficult. I found the feedback very helpful, and I liked that we were provided with the answer keys so that we could see for ourselves where we went wrong.

  5. Anonymous

    Good overview. Good practice. In general it was just right. I enjoyed the challenging quizzes. I appreciated having choices to pick the assignments most applicable but also appreciated having more options for more practice as desired. Examples are huge for me. Sometimes the explanations get wordy and long, but if there were examples that clarified, I could see and better understand the explanation. There were a lot of good examples in these lessons for me to reference later.

  6. Sheila McIntyre

    This course was of excellent value. There was a lot to learn, but it didn’t feel overwhelming. The teacher was always good about answering questions and was encouraging. Additionally, I had a huge life issue that came up during the course, and she was very good about being flexible. Would highly recommend this course and instructor!

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