Second Pass


Would you like an experienced editor to review your edits and tell you what you are doing well and how you could improve? 

This service provides feedback to the editor about an editing project. Any editor, regardless of experience level, can submit a ten-page edit as a Microsoft Word document, complete with their Track Changes and Comments, and receive an evaluation of their work. 

Our professional editors will help you move to the next level in your business by giving you the confidence to continue and recommending further education as needed.

Cost: $125 (member discounts are not applicable)

Instructors: The Second-Pass Evaluators have a minimum of ten years of experience in freelance editing. You’ll be assigned an evaluator based on genre and availability.

Instructions: Once you purchase Second Pass, you’ll be given a link to complete an online form and instructions on submitting your ten-page document for evaluation. One ten-page-edit review costs $125 and will be returned with suggestions within two weeks.