Sentence Diagramming One-On-One Istruction

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An introduction to the Reed-Kellogg system of diagramming sentences that will increase your understanding of grammar and improve your ability to construct clear, uncluttered sentences. In this eight-week course, you will learn how to diagram various kinds of simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences. A thorough grammar review will also be included.

Please note that the lessons are progressive: the content of lesson two builds on the content of lesson one, and so forth. Therefore, it’s important to complete lessons successively.

Note: Although no text is required, a Warriner’s English Grammar and Composition (Third Course or higher) will provide extra exercises and sentences to diagram. Inexpensive copies are available on


Instructor: Denise Loock

Format: This is the One-on-One Instruction format. The instructor will be in contact with you within five business days of purchase and will work individually with you.

Prerequisite: None

Level: Beginner

Course Length: This course is eight lessons.

Base Price: $320 (members of The Christian PEN receive discounts)

Course Outline: Click to download.

Certificate of Completion: Upon completion of this course, students will earn a course certificate.


What people have said about this course:

Not only did I learn to diagram sentences, I was also able to revisit very important rules of grammar and parts of speech. The diagramming was harder than I imagined, but it helped me more than I expected. I liked the interaction from the students’ questions and Denise’s gracious responses to answer what we think we should already know but don’t. —Jenne A.

This is a great class for all editors and writers. It also serves as a great grammar refresher. It definitely covered what I was expecting based on the course name and description. —Mary Anne B.

Thank you for explaining the rough spots on my homework. I’m thankful for a teacher to clarify things for me! —Kristen H.

Instead of being easy, this course was definitely a good challenge. It was very much worth it, mostly because we had to think hard and dig deep. I liked how Denise responded individually to each student about homework assignments and what needed to be changed. —Barbara C.


1 review for Sentence Diagramming One-On-One Istruction

  1. Anonymous

    The lessons were clear and thorough and I found the multiple examples very helpful. The Instructor was very open to questions and responded promptly and thoroughly. I would recommend this course to other editors.

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