The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style WEBINAR


The Christian Writers Manual of Style webinar is the 100 level course in the Mastering the Style Manuals series. Natalie introduces editors to this definitive resource for Christian publishing, highlighting her go-to passages and helpful additions in the new fourth edition.

This webinar will increase your familiarity with and understanding ofThe Christian Writers Manual of Style and guide you in how to use it with other essential resources in your editing projects.


Instructor: Natalie Nyquist

Format: This is a Webinar, which consists of an one-hour video with self-guided notes. You will be given access to the material within 24 hours of purchase. 

Prerequisite: There are no prerequisites for this course.

Registration deadline: There is no deadline; this webinar is available at all times.

Base price: $29 (members of The Christian PEN receive discounts)

Webinar length: This webinar runs 54:44.

1. Introduction
—Experience and Goals
—Overview of Top References for Editors

2. All About the Fourth Edition of The Christian Writers Manual of Style (CWMOS)
—Style Guide
—Word List

3. How to Find Needed Information
—Ways CWMOS Is Helpful
—Ways CWMOS May Not Be So Helpful
—Usage Tips
—Pages to Bookmark

4. Conclusion



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